advice on cap 1 venture

Questionsadvice on cap 1 venture
asked 4 years ago

so working hard to improve financial health

cap 1. secured. 500
cap 1 plat. 3000
discover 1200
nfcu go 500
barclaycard .2500

i want to get rid.of.cap 1 secured and apply for venture i was preapproved for three prime cards on their site qs v.venture.v plat plus

scores are 650ish across the board 15 months post bk7 no baddies since and pretty clean reports

cc card utilization is approx 33% soon to be reduced to 20% in 1 week.

how should i apply for a venture card ? should i reduce utilization close secured card and then.apply or will it matter?
many thanks

sorry typing on phone apologize for.format.

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