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I’m 22.  I have a wife and 3 beautiful children.  I am new to MyFico as of June, so I am a little late to the challege; so any advice that would help me achieve success is for sure welcomed and wanted! I need to get to at LEAST 640 for the USDA loan for Mortgage, but I have bigger goals


Starting Scores (Jun 24, 2015):EQ:591  EX:562  TU:567

Current Scores (July 3, 2015) : EQ:591  EX:562  TU:580



have the following open accounts now and they are PERFECT as far as Payment History and Utilization:


Credit Cards:

First Premier $ 300 (Opened Dec 2014) $ 0 Balance

CapOne $ 300 Secured (Opened Feb 2015) $ 2 Balance

Badcock Furniture $ 300 (Opened Feb 2015) $ 104 Balance

Fingerhut Advantage $ 200 (Opened Mar 2015) $ 0 Balance. 



Credit Acceptance (Auto Loan) (Opened May 2015) $ 9594

NCSECU (Opened May 2015) $ 960



USAA Credit Card $ 300 (Opened Sept 2011) Settled for Less than Full; $ 0 Balance (Paid in Feb 2015, but is still reporting as Charge Off Every Month)

AFCU Credit Card $ 500 (Opened Oct 2011) Paid In Full; $ 0 Balance* (Paid in Full in May 2015, but still hasn’t reported to any Credit Bureaus as Paid* so it still shows I owe $ 500)



*When I paid some of these Collections off, I was “PFD Naive”, I didn’t even know about the option until it was too late*


Interstate Credit Collections (July 2012) $ 114 with $ 0 Balance; Showing Paid in Full

Enhanced Recovery (Sprint)  (Aug 2012) $ 575 with $ 0 Balance; Showing Settled for Less (I called Sprint and ERC for GW and ERC said no but Sprint said I still have a balance, since it was a settlement, can I work this to my advantage and possibly get a PFD?? For both ERC and Sprint???)

Southwest Credit Systems (Windstream) (Aug 2013) with $ 217 Balance; I am disputing this for DV currently

Tek-Collect (Capital Bank) (Feb 2013) with $ 104 Balance; Currently doing a PFD

National Credit Adjusters (Aaron’s) (Feb 2013) with $ 966 Balance; Planning on DV because I know they have inflated the debt



30 in 2 Years

(I know, I am dumb! But I have disputed quite a few and some are due to fall off in the upcoming months of 2015)


AGAIN: ANY advice or tips would be GREATLY APPRECIATED! I am open to almost anything, except Illegal & Unethical Practice


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