Advice Needed on Paying Off Balances and Balance Transfer Ideas

QuestionsAdvice Needed on Paying Off Balances and Balance Transfer Ideas
asked 4 years ago

So I’m just looking for some advice on how to become free of cc debt and pay as little interest as possible. I realize overall it’s not a super huge amount and if I buckle down on my budget I can pay it back but as someone that normally PIF it really bothers me I have this debt. Most of the debt is due to unexpected medical bills over the past year, unexpected car repairs, and some transferred debt from college. I’ll give you all my lines and current limits so that I can figure out a plan of shifting and paying down debt. I’ve been paying off most of it and have some savings (about 3k could take out 2k and leave 1k for emergencies) that I could use to pay a portion. My goal is to pay at least $ 500 on these balances in the next few months. Planning on starting with citi and chase as they expire sooner and have higher utilization. I was thinking of joining NFCU and then applying for their Platinum Visa in the next few months (probably in a few months when my scores improve) and transfering any remaining balances to their card when they have a 0% offer or using a 9 month 0% offer from discover. I’ll probably join NFCU anyway as I would like to buy a house at some point in late 2017 early 2018. My Net income 2.7k per month. So my lines are as follows:


Amex Blue $ 178/10k PIF every month

Discover It 3k/10.5k 0% until April 16 (Should be able to pay a good chunk off before then)

Citi DC 2.5/4.6k 0% expires in Jan

Citi Forward $ 500/2.6k limit (Former limit was 11k CLD to previous balance of 1.2k then CLI to 2.6k a few months ago)-CLD due to 60 day late last Oct. on Credit Union Card due to there online systems error and credit union not having my updated phone number to inform me that my account wasn’t debited for payment. 60 day late is not on my EQ report only negative on my report

Chase Slate 1.8k/3k 0% expires in Jan

Truity Federal Credit Union 0/4.5k (hate them only reason I haven’t closed is this is my oldest account)

Chase Southwest Rewards 0/4k PIF opened for southwest rewards and purchases

Kay Jewlers Store Card 0/10k

Amazon Store Card 0/2k


TU 686 EX 685 EQ 710-730 depending on if I look at credit karma or my citicard eq fico



If anyone has BT suggestions or other suggestions let me know. I’ve looked at personal loans but they are higher aprs then my normal rate would be on CCs. This is Thanks. 


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