addicted to credit acct…..

Questionsaddicted to credit acct…..
asked 3 years ago

Hello All


I am new to this forum and really have enjoyed reading all the forums. ……Now to my issues.


I am addicted to getting new credit accts.

My following credit accts are as follows.. amt owed/ credit limit.


Barclay=  1800/2000….credit increase last month

Cap. one=  240/300

Cap. one #2= 660/750…credit increase last month

merrick= 1050/1200…credit increase lsat month

pnc=  128/250

walmart=  339/300.. credit limit was recently decreased to 300 from 600.00

macy’s= 400/1500


I was recently approved for a 2500.00 credit card from my credit union. I will transfer as many card balances to it as i can but will still have 2 or so cards left. 

I would really like to transfer all cards and pay off the new card at 0% interest for 12 mos. 


What is my next best step? I was thinking about applying to Navy Fed for another balance transfer card…Good idea?

Credit Scores

Transunion= 624

Exp= 615

Eq= 605


Thank you in advance for your help. 

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