add Authorized user to help their credit score?

Questionsadd Authorized user to help their credit score?
asked 4 years ago

My fiance has never had a credit card or any kind of loan since she was 18.  She had a couple collections that she settled and or paid in full recently, but without my help so I wasnt able to help her try and negotiate to have them remove. So we are going to try and do what we can and see if we can get them removed, but either way… she needs some credit.  So she just opened a Capital One secured card for her first ever credit card. Limit is only like $ 200.


I went through a similar rebuilding period a few years ago, started off with Cap One secured card, and now my score is in the 680-700 range and getting real high limit cards recently. So I thought about maybe adding her as an authorized user to a few of my cards in an effort to help jump start her rebuilding process (never said id actually giver her a card though lol).


So my question is this… my oldest tradeline cards are from 2013, but have smaller limits ($ 750ish)… but my most recent cards within the past 6 months or so, have $ 5000-$ 7000 limits, but the age of the credit cards are very young.  Would it be better to add her as a user to the higher limit cards with no balances to show amount of credit, but new credit?  or better to add her to the older cards, but lower limits?  I am not sure which would be better


Thank you for any help ahead of time.

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