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QuestionsAccess Equity with 600 Credit Score
asked 4 years ago

Hello all,


I am new to these boards.


I’m interested in acessing my home equity to consolidate my debt, but only have a credit score of about 600. I tried working with my current mortgage company, but I need a 620.  I have about $ 70K in equity.  I wish I would’ve known about cash outs when I refinanced last year. 🙂

Are you aware of any loans given my score?  Even if it’s a higher rate or an ARM. I can always refinance later. My credit score will shoot up after my credit cards are paid off.


Either cash out, home equity, or HELOC or any other suggestions.

The reason my credit score is so low, is because I have a high debt ratio and my cards are almost maxed out. I don’t have a history of late payments, and I have a good income.  11 years with current employer.  10 years in my home.

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