A year of rebuilding….and a Thank You note….

QuestionsA year of rebuilding….and a Thank You note….
Moses Lahey asked 5 years ago

November 24th, 2014. I financed my second vehicle ever. I didn’t really have any credit to speak of and what I had was bad. My scores were in the low 500’s, and it was only through a miracle that I got financed for a vehicle, a 2011 Toyota Corrolla. My interest was awful….23%. Payments of $ 330 also sucked. It was then, however, that I decided to get my $ #!( together, and work on my financial future. It was then that I found these forums, and a wealth of information. Before I knew it, I was getting old stuff deleted, making corrections, learning what I could do to improve my score, learning what NOT to do in the interim. 


I know this isn’t as impressive as some stories here, but in that year I’ve brought all my scores from low 500 to just below 700. I now have 13 lines of active credit, I’m hearing YES more than NO. I’m watching my scores climb and climb. 


I guess I just want to throw this out for anyone that is new in the rebuilding game. I shyed away from credit for so long because of the wreck I caused when I was younger. I made NO effort because it seemed like an impossible task. Thanks to what I learned here, and a little discipline I have come a LONG way in just a year. You can do it too. Do NOT get discourged, and don’t be afraid to tackle it head on. It isn’t the boogeyman. It isn’t the devil himself. Don’t be afraid (as I was) to make some calls, send some emails, or whatever you have to do to take a chance on improving your situation. You will hear NO, but you will survive. I promise. Keep working. Keep striving. Discipline yourself. You can do this! 


To all of the awesome members on this forum that talked me through so many questions, I thank you! I could not be where I am without this place. Not a chance. I’ve learned SO much that I am now able to guide others in the right direction and that is an amazing feeling! 


I have decided to cease “monitoring” at this point. I’m going to just do what I’ve been doing, and check back in six months….a year….who knows and see where I am. I know I’m on the right path now, thanks to you all. 


I wish all of you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday! May you and yours be blessed beyond measure!

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