A question on a curious deletion

QuestionsA question on a curious deletion
asked 4 years ago

In 2010 I was hit with court fines for $ 3,300. I never paid ( I was dumb and 21, which were interchangable at the time). So of course they went to collections. Been there for years. About a year ago I decdided to get serious about paying unpaid debt and tackling the loose ends. But I was always very hesitent to even start on that one, due to how much time had passed and the amount. I was basically scared that doing anything about it would start the clock over, and since I was on year 5 of 7, I figured I just needed to ride it out. Well yesterday, I got a notice that a collection had been removed. It was that one! Not scheduled to be removed until 12/17 by TU (the only agency that had it). So this has me wondering: why the heck was it removed?! Has anyone had a similar situation? Could it be that another collection agency bought it and this is the transistion? I’m not inclined to call TU about this, for fear that it may be put back on, or the collection agency, as I may talk myself into starting the 7 years over. Any general thoughts?

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