A Little advise needed

QuestionsA Little advise needed
Dick Sissons asked 5 years ago

Hi Guys,


Current Credit accounts are:


1) Credit One Platnum – $ 400 Limit

2) Fingerhut = $ 500 Limit

3) Discover it (Secured) – $ 200 Limit

4)Bank of america card (secured) – $ 300 Limit

5.Cap one platnum mastercard – $ 500 Limit

6.Cap one Quick Silver – $ 500 Limit

7.Nordstroms store card – $ 300 Limit

8.Khols Store Card – 300 limit


My total % should be a little under 25% credit used


My probelem i face is age of credit


Average Account Age

0Yrs 7Mos

Oldest Open Account

1Yr 4Mos  <———— (Student Loan)

Newest Open Account

0Yrs 2Mos

So i really want a not secured Discover it card and a chase Freedom – im just trying to figure out the best way to achieve this
Current Scores are:
Experian – 649

Equifax – 647

TransUnion – 658

I have so many cards so my overall available is higher, but i really just want a couple cards with credt line increases and no annual fees. I a[[;ied to discover and they said about the age of credit issue and turned me down. And i also bank with Bank of america, but have yet to be approved for a non secured boa cc , because my % was over 50% when i did apply.
Any tips or ideas or recommendations?



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