50K Targeted Amex Platinum Offer Worth It?

Questions50K Targeted Amex Platinum Offer Worth It?
asked 3 years ago

I received a targeted Amex Platinum offer for 50K MR after $ 5k in spend (AF not waived first year). The offer is medoicore at best; however, no where in the offer does it have Amex’s usual once in a lifetime bonus langauge. I’ve had the PRG and Platinum in the past and generally am over my once in a lifetime bonus w/ most Amex products.


1. I hate Amex – serioues hate them.

2. I don’t need anymore cards, nor do I want to shift $ 5k in spend from CSR/Freedom Unlimited.

3. I don’t have a need for the “Platinum benefits” (with the exception of the occasional Centurion lounge which are not at my usual airports).

4. I can get value out of the annual airline credits and make it pay for most of the first year annual fee and then close the card.


Overall, not sure if 50K MR points are worth the hassle, especially for a card company I truly hate. Is it rare to see targeted offers without the once in a lifetime langauge? I’m on the fence about this.

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