5 More months before TU is all clear

Questions5 More months before TU is all clear
asked 4 years ago

Starting today I have 5 more months before I call TU and see if I can get EE. If it happens my TU is going to be all clear by then. Then I have to wait for few months before EX & EQ have the same results. 


A lot of people start working on their credit reports right after it has baddies, I took a different approach which didn’t harm me much but isn’t the best way to handle things. Right after I came back to US, I called up Citi, HSBC, BoA and paid off whatever I could. Eventually all of them removed their entries without me trying anything. Of course the auto loan and subsequent repo and CU reporting it is something I didn’t bother with much. This year in Sept TU will drop it but if EE works, May 2016 will be when I see the end of that.


I still remember buying everything with debit card for first few years and not even bother checking if I qualify for any card. 2014 I tried and got in with CapOne and I shall forever remain thankful that they kickstarted my passive effort. April 2014 I had 1500 unsecured CC and today I have almost 50K on my own. NFCU, PenFed have been there when I needed that padding. 


This year if BoA account on which I am AU doesn’t bring UTI down to 30% I am going to get myself removed. That 99% UTIL is not going to help me at all ( my own is less than 5% overall but BoA account is maxed out taking my overall UTIL to 37%).


After I get my scores up, I am going to wait till I can apply for Chase and then go on app spree till I get all the cards I always wanted





Old BC (Amex)

Amex Plat 

Ritz Carlton


After I am done with these I don’t need any more cards. I will then be gardening till I need to buy a house! 2015 was a crappy year on other fronts, 2016 is going to be my year! 

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