3&1 – to apply for a new card or not?

Questions3&1 – to apply for a new card or not?
asked 2 years ago

Currently trying to bump up my credit…working with a mortgage broker to get pre-approved for a home loan (rural development, need 620, prefer 640). His one and only suggestion was pay off my credit cards and I should be where I need to be. I’ve been reading over and over on the forums that having 3 cards with 2 at $ 0 and 1 at less than 9-10% is the best case scenario…


So I guess my question is, should I try to apply for another card? If so, any suggestions on cards to try? Also, is my mortgage broker correct in that I should only worry about paying off my cards (he and the simulator on here show that my scores will raise 25-35 points just from paying those down). My AAoA is already super gorgeous thanks to school loans from this semester that just hit last month *rolls eyes* lol


(all cards and loans are showing current with no late payments)

-Commenity – Jan 2017 – $ 450 limit, will have $ 0 next week (less than $ 100 right now)

-Capital One Quick Silver – Oct 2015 – $ 500 limit, had about $ 450 yesterday, but by close of this month will have $ 50 (or less if I can swing it)

-Car Loan – Nov 2016

-Sallie Mae Student loan – Jan 2013

-Dept of Ed student loan – Aug 2017

-2 medical collections from March & June 2016 (mortgage broker told me if I could do PFD that would help but if not, leave them??)


Fico 8: Trans 622, Equi 617, Experian 641

BUT >.<

Mort Fico: Trans 619, Equi 601, Experian 625



Or do you have any other suggestions/advice? Thank you bunches!!!

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