30 day late SYNCB/WLMRTD HELP!!

Questions30 day late SYNCB/WLMRTD HELP!!
asked 4 years ago

Hello all! I haven’t been on in quite awhile afer rebuilding my credit with the help of the site. My last stay here allowed me to raise my score from a low 600 to just over 800! Sp thank you all. Ok, here is the problem…..Somehow missed a payment with my Mastercard Walmart card. The balance was only $ 90 and I forgot to pay it, When I noticed I was already 30 days late and a ding hit my report. I have had the account since Oct. 2015 with the 30 day happening in April of this year. I need to get this cleared up pronto as my new wife and I are looking to buy a new home. I have done the leg work and rounded up my contacts already. I am asking what the best way to approach this creditor is. I have learned each is different and have not been able to find in a search the best plan of attack! Any help would be appreciated! TIA

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