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Questions30 day/ 60 day/ 90 day removal.
asked 2 years ago

Hey folks, I’ve been disputing a 60 day/90 day late payment that is currently on my credit report. It was from a transaction done on one of my unactivated credit cards that I was approved for last year.


So to summarize what happened:

Back In December my Citi card was used to make a $ 300 purchase. I completely forgot that the card was used and it had a balance on it. So as the months went by,ththe credit bureaus started issuing a 30 day late, then a 60 day late, then a 90 day late. By that time my score average across the board was 570, down from 630. So as my credit score started to tank I decided to check my credit reports to see what’s going on.


Equifax: 30 day late payment.

Transunion: 60 day late payment.

Experian 90 day late payment


Within the past week:

So I called Citi and the credit bureau’s to dispute.



I told the credit bureau’s that fraud my have occurred, and they put note on my credit reports and told me to talk to my credit card issuer in regards of getting the late payments removed.


I told Citi  that I didn’t recieve a single phone call in regards to there being a late payment, or that there was a balance on my account. Also told them I received nothing in the mail, no statements, and nothing showed on my online account as my card was not even activated. They had trouble finding the card linked to my account as the card was not activated. Turns out they also had the wrong phone number on file. Out of good will I paid the balance on the card off, as I was not sure who used the card. In return, they told me they would be investigating, they will get in contact with their collection department and see the methods they used to contact me and that I’ll be getting a response by the end of this week.



So by the time I called them up, my credit continues to drop to the 560’s. Then 1 days later, I get an alert from myFico. Tells me that there’s a fraud notice on my credit report. Credit score drops further, bellow the 550’s across the board. Then 2 days later, I get an alert from myFico. Tells me that the card’s balance has been paid off, also tells me there’s an ongoing dispute. My credit scores for Transunion and Experian shoot up back to the 650’s, but Equifax is only at 600, and It’s still like this to this date. So I purchase a new credit report from Experian. It shows the account as being paid, but also shows that it was 60 day late despite it originally showing being 90 day late. However, it does not show it as derogatory item on my credit report. My 30 day late payment back in 2012 still shows up on my credit report and is flagged as a derogatory item.



So right now I’m confused about what has happened on the next step to take.


Was the late payment removed since it’s not showing up as a derogatory item on my credit report?

Although there’s no derogatory items on the credit report in regards to this account, since my credit report shows that the account was previously delinquent, will credit card companies still factor it in despite it not being factored in my credit score?


I still haven’t received a phone call from Citi  in regards to the investigation, should I call them and see what happened? Will the late payment be listed as a derogratory again if Citi rules against my favor? I’m worried that there was an error and that the derogatory flag was removed on mistake.


Should I just count my blessings and proceed with what I currently have and let it go?


Thank you all for reading and I appreciate your responses.

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