3 new cards how do I pay?

Questions3 new cards how do I pay?
Chas Arellano asked 4 years ago

HI All,


This is my first post but I have been reading and learning so much from here the last couple weeks.  I just started rebuilding my credit after not using credit for years.  I have some bad marks on my report mainly from 2012 and prior.  Since then I have not used credit, i make a good salary and sick of not having credit so im following the information Ive learned from here.  I just opened 3 new cards, plus a fingerhut fresh start account and a self lender loan to start.  I should be receiving my cards in the next few days.  My question is I see everyone saying leave a 0 balance on all but 1 card at 5-10%.  How do I go about this, wont the other two cards notice I am not using them and not report or close?  Also, I when should I pay the one with utlization and how much?  Do I just carry over the few dollar balance?  When should I pay, when I first get a statement?  Im average about 550 fico between all 3.  My biggest issue I believe is I have zero open accounts for the past few years.  Self loan is 1100, fingerhut started with 180, primor 200, open sky 500, and discover 700.  I appreciate all the great info I have learned here and any adive you can provide!

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