29 point drop due to glitch in new scoring system. Anyone Else?

Questions29 point drop due to glitch in new scoring system. Anyone Else?
asked 3 years ago

I have been keeping a close watch on my credit due to preparing to buy a home. I have joined back up with TU on thier monitoring service and a couple days ago i got an alert in reference to inquiries on my credit. Over the past couple days TU’s system accidentally removed all inquiries on my credit reports. The system caught this mistake and added 18 inquiries to my credit. Now… it shows the dates that the inquiries had been done (most from 2014 and 2015) but the system does not know the dates and see all these inquiries and new. This has dropped my score enough that I am now just out of reach for the interest rate on the home I was hoping for. The lender will also notice this and as a result may deny me for a loan. 


I contacted TU and they believe that the lenders will not see these changes on the software they use and TU indiacted they use thier own software. They did say it should be corrected but could not give me a date when.  Has anyone else had this problem? Im not sure what system my lender is using but I know that my cap one, barclay, credit sesame and karma has dropped my score. Any help would be great

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