2015 New Construction Closings

Questions2015 New Construction Closings
Kami Sturgess asked 6 years ago

Forgive me if there’s another thread started, but I couldn’t find one that fits…so I thought I’d start a new one :smileyhappy:


We started our credit repair in earnest just 2+ months ago…and just yesterday we received our pre-approval letter! However, it’s a new construction home in a new community…so it will be a bit longer than an April/May close. So for all of you in a similar boat, join in. I’m sure it’s going to be a bumpy, scary, stressful, fun, exciting ride!


Home Location: Puget Sound, WA

Purchase Price: $ 493k

Property: House – 2600 sf

Submitted Offer on: 3/13/15

Signed Contract on: 3/15/15

Ernest (Deposit) Money:  $ 5k

Lender Name: Caliber Home Loans 

Notes about Lender: fantastic to work with!!!

Type of Loan: VA


Purchase contract addendums:

Loan Rate: waiting to fix some credit items before lock, but somewhere between 3.75 and 4.125

Application submitted: Pre-approval received 

Loan Processing: 

Mortgage Commitment Letter:  

Appraisal Ordered:  

Appraisal Completed: 

Went to underwriting: 

Underwriting Complete: 

Final Approval: 

Construction Status: model and options selected; foundation in progress and lumber drop scheduled for late-May
Walk Through: 

Closing Date: Scheduled for 8/13/15

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