2 Federal Tax Liens

Questions2 Federal Tax Liens
Jude Irving asked 5 years ago

So because of my recent rebuild success my mother in law came to me for advice. She has multiple collections from 2010-2014 and 2 federal tax liens from 2012 and 2015 those two alone total 100k (I know Smiley Sad ).

Here’s the FICO information:

499 score
9 years 10 months oldest account
1 inquiry
Revolving UT N/A
0 Missed Payment but payment history showing very poor because there’s no payments being shown on any revolvers.

What do I do to help?

My advice so far get 2 Secured cards
Get 1 Secured loan going

As far as money she has no money to pay anything she had a business with her husband who put most things in her name they separated and be cut his losses leaving everything in her name and all these accounts went to crap.

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