18 YO Son as AU?

Questions18 YO Son as AU?
Karine Lukis asked 5 years ago

Hi all!  Need some advice, please.  I was just approved for a C1 Plat with a 2K CL.  As I’m rebuilding this was a real surprise.  My 18 yo son is in college right now and is VERY responsible with his spending and his budget.  I was considering adding him as an AU on this account to help him get some type of positive reporting.  He applied for a Student Discover offer that came in the mail.  He was declined for lack of credit history.  


Will being an AU on this subprime card hurt his chances for better credit as he gets older?  Will it somehow link him to my tarnished credit past?  Again, he’s super responsible.  He works two jobs, saves his money, and pays his way.  I don’t have any concern about irresponsible usage as an AU. 


Thank You in advance for any thoughts or suggestions.

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