100 pont score drop on Credit Karma TU & EQ?

Questions100 pont score drop on Credit Karma TU & EQ?
Francisca cortez asked 4 years ago

Is this normal…. My credit score was recently mids 700’s on Ck. Log in today and 100 point drop!

The only thing new is that I recently decided to go ahead and apply for 3 new cards for a total of 25k in new CL, neither of the new cards are reporting yet.

Amex ED 10,000

CapOne Venture 10,000

CapOne QSilver 5000


I also got a Total Rewards pop-up when i logged into my account S2500; but I called and cancelled account before I received the card because it was not comperable in CL to the other new cards( However, it shows as a closed account on my reports, which im not happy about because i never  received nor activated the card) 


I have a total of 8, 8 and 7 total inquries on each of the reports (4 new inquires this year as a result of the aforementioned apps).

I have clean reports with the exception of a reaged CO account on TU  that is currently being disputed.  

Can anyone shed come light on this? 

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