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Brendan Amador asked 5 years ago

Hi All,

I have 3 CC’s at the moment. CAP1 Plat(300), CAP1 QS(300) and First Premier(400) (unfortunately). None of the limits are that high, the UTI is between 50-60% on all of them. As you know the interest rates are High on them.


Depending on the CB my Scores range from 580-610 through CCT.


Some how I ran across this article:



The Chase Slate card Offers 0% transfer fee. 0% APR on transfers for 15 months and $ 0 Annual Fee. According to one page on nerd wallet it states “average” credit, another page says good credit and a 3rd page says excellent credit.


I know my credit is not great. BUT I am working on it. Finding a 0% transfer card and getting rid of my FP card would be awesome.


Does anyone know what the deal is with this Card? 
Would I do better with Discover?


Thanks in Advance.



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