question to all of your mortgage experts, have you ever seen any of this following situation?

I have been battling with my mortgage company for a year on a inflated appraisal they did when i took out a second mortage 2 years ago. they inflated it by 25k, at the end i had to get the Iowa attorney generals office involved and they found they shared my concerns. The mortgage company “Washington Mutual” volunterred to refinance both loans into 1 and they would eat the diffrence. We just closed today and on the HUD-1 it shows all of the closing fees, and the payoff the 1st and 2nd, then it showed a cash/from bowwer of 36482. This is the amount the company is wiring to satisfy the short to close. My questions would there be any more games ect/or heard of this thing. I am already assuming i am going to get W-2 for taxes with this.

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