Question regarding VA loan application…is this normal?

I got this email from a representative from iFreedom Direct Mortgage Services:

Hi *** and ***,

It was a pleasure talking with you. I have attached a few documents I need you to review, complete, and return to me by either email or fax. I also need you to send the following as well.

1) Last 30 days LES Statement.
2) W2 for 2007 & 2008
3) Recent full month bank statement (all pages)
4) Copy of DD214
5) Landord Info: Name, address, phone#

Once I get this info I will start putting a file together for you. I will request a copy of your Certificate from VA right now. You also recieve an email from *** *** who will contact you and provide an agent in your area. Best of luck and call me anytime you have a question. If you also need a prequalification letter, let me know and I will provide one for you.

Are the things he’s asking for normal and appropriate? Why would they need all the pages of my bank statement…it shows all the places we shop at, eat at, places we buy things at….I feel kind of uncomfortable letting someone see this, but if it’s necessary, then okay. I just need to know…

Anyway, we are first time home buyers. Do these things sound about right to you in regards to information they need for the VA loan prequalification letter/application? Thanks.

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