Question regarding car insurance and non traffic accident claims?

Hi! I was wondering if insurance companies raise your rates based on the number of claims you have total (traffic accident or non traffic accident) or do they primarily look at the claims you have in the last 3 years from traffic accidents. I have a friend that have filed 2 claims for vandalism, 1 claim for over running the curb while parking, one for windshield glass from flying rock on the highway, and one from being hit by another car That’s 5 claims in the last year. Now she recently backed into a fence. ( No she was not drunk or anything- she dont drink nor use drugs) She is worried about whether her rates will go up for filing too many claims, or is it mainly the traffic accidents that she needs to worry about. Anyone can have a fenderbender at home, every now and then. Anyone have any information on how non traffic accidents affect insurance claims? Thanks!

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