Question on individual tax rate assesment throughout history, but interesting?

I live in North Carolina and got a bill today for $ 1424.58 taxes past that were never provided. I can not say whether I did or did not send off my taxes, but I had a federal rebate. So I think I filed my taxes. I need to prove a copy of my tax return for 2002 that I raise my taxes. My copies were gone in one of two places. My house burned down in 2003 and 2004, the apartment I rented flooded. Between fire and flood, I lost all my financial records. I have a lot of evidence that this event happened fire. The flood, I suffer my papers disaster FEMA.Donc wrap things in 2005, I have a genetic disorder of the brain. I am on disability and the pay is a little below average. My doctor can also confirm my health. $ 1,424.58 is to be paid a lot for me. Any ideas on how to get out of this hearing

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