Question FHA Streamline Refinance?

So I bought a house about 2 years ago, with an FHA mortgage, with a fixed rate of 5% , which was pretty good at the time, and its a legitimate loan with no prepayment penalties or any of that junk.

I have recieved tons of these Streamline Refinance advertisements in the mail, but usually toss them in the garbage because I don’t trust them. They usually come from no-name places, or else try to act like they came from the bank I originally had the loan from, etc and just sound very shady. I’m worried about getting into some sort of loan with bad or preadtory terms.

However now that I’ve heard rates took an even bigger dive, I’m wondering if I would be in a good place to refinance? Could I actually realistically get a interest rate lower than 5% right now with a streamline refinance? I don’t want to get any sort of ARM, or any loan with prepayment fees, or other high fees or any other garbage, just hoping to reduce the interest rate even lower than 5%. I also am layed off at the moment, so employment would have to not matter. Is that something that can realistically be done?

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