Question about foreclosure?

Long story short, we live in a manufactured home in a trailer park. My husband works full time, and we had extra money in our checking to cover bills, then his hours were cut to 32 per week, and the lot rent was raised to almost 300 per month about the same time, which only includes garbage and water/sewer. Our house payment is 457 per month. They raised his hours back to 40 after a couple months, but we have been struggling to put food on the table since the cut in hours and the raise on the lot rent dwindled our bank account down. We have 2 young kids, 1 and 4, and I stay home with them, because we cannot afford to pay for child care, We have called our mortgage company and asked to modify our loan, but they refuse, and we have asked the owner of the park to buy our home, since it has been for sale for 2 years, and not one person has come to look at it, but he says he cannot afford it. We are NOT allowed to rent it out or move it until it is paid in full.
So, we are thinking about letting it go back, as we feel we have no other option (can’t afford to stay), but what will happen? How long will we have to get out? Will we have to file bankruptcy? Can we buy an rv to stay in before we let it go back, and will it be taken if we end up having to file bankruptcy? Will they take any of our belongings? Can they lock us out? Or is there anything we should know before we let it go back, any other options? We live in Michigan if that makes a difference. Thanks in advance for any help.
We pay 757 a month with our lot rent, and the kids have never been away from me.
Mortgage company- Superior Choice Credit Union

My husband died last month and I lost his Social Security Disability. I am going to lose the house. My pay was cut last year by 10 percent due to the economy. I owe twice as much as the house is worth. Lender won’t modify the loan enough to help (plus I have a second Mortgage). I can’t short sale…. I want to talk to an attorney about whether it would be best to file bankruptcy or go into foreclosure. Both have long term ramifications and I don’t want any surprises. I need to talk to an attorney, but how do I find one and what kind?

Century 21 Today Short Sale Seminar

After attending this event at Glen Oaks Country Golf Course, I chose to educate myself and become Short Sale & Foreclosure Resource certified by acquiring the SFR designation.

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