question about commercial property?

I am 19 and I am currently looking at commercial property for sale around my area. They are asking $ 18000 for it and I was going to offer $ 15000. My first question is how could I get a loan for $ 20000 dollars? (an extra 5000 to get me started on remodeling the property) I have some credit but very little. Is it possible to get a loan like this without a co-signer? Another question I have is what would the mortgage payments be like on a 30 yr mortgage? I used one of those mortgage calculators, but I don’t know how accurate they are. Also, since the property is considered commercial, I was wondering how much it would cost to insure the property? My intentions are to live upstairs and rent out the downstairs to a local business. I was also considering turning a 800 sq ft garage into an apartment. But my biggest question is whether or not I would have to pay for commercial property insurance since I have no intentions of having a business myself.

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