Question about buying a house/mortgage….?

Hi. I’m really asking a question that’s not exactly about me. I have a friend buying a house. Here are the facts:

-The house cost $ 400,00 (it will appraise for about $ 450,000)
-She makes $ 60,00 a year
-She is putting down 5%
-She is taking $ 20,000 from her 401k for down payment
-She is doing 6% seller’s concession
-It is a legal 2 family, tenants pay $ 1,300 monthly
-She has less than $ 20,000 in the bank
-She has a credit score of 695
-This is in NYS
-Her broker told her he is going stated (remember,95%financing!) and mentioned nothing to her about reserves.He told her he can get her 6.5% and didn’t mention PMI

Here are my two questions:
1) Is there any way this loan is going to happen?
2) Will she be able to afford this in the long run?

I’m not totally nosey, just clearly worried. Let me know what you think. Thanks!

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