property insurance claims against me?

Last year when I moved out of a house with my family the landlord said that we owed over $ 4000 in damages to the house. Most of which were outrageous claims. We fought it in court and the judge only granted $ 700 in damages. I got a letter in the mail shortly after from their insurance people stating they are seeking damages from me for these claims. I called up the insurance company and they stated what some of the damages were and I told them that we went to court over these damages and the judge threw most of them out, and now there is a judgement for these charges against me. The representative said they would look into these charges and would get back to me.
Now I receive a letter from a law office wanting to collect damages from us for these charges. What the heck??? Of course I keep calling the law office and they are never in and never return my calls.
What are my options here?
I would pay the judgement but now with this insurance claim on me I dont know what to do.
Any help would be great.
I live in WI by the way if that helps at all.
The judgement is from the landlord. It has not been paid yet due to this insurance claim.

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