process fo building a house on my own land?

I want to build a house on my land I already own but am a little lost in the steps of what I need to do?
A little background to help you understand…

I am 23 years old and live on my own. I own about 2 acres of land in the middle of the woods in southeast Louisiana. I live on the property now in a trailor that I own. I want to build a house there, but it is in a flood area, so the houses foundation will have to be stilts. I work as a sheriffs deputy for the parish (county) I live in. Annual Salary is around 24,000. about 1600 a month after taxes.

After all my bills each month I only have 500 dollars left, and I also have about 30,000 in savings.

How big of a house can I build? Can I even afford to build a house at this time? How much will it be to be up on stilts vs. a regular foundation? Who do I need to talk with for permits and regulations of building in my area? Also what are the benifits of going with a modular home vs. site built?

I have never bought or built a house before so I don’t understand how about going through the process. I have great credit, last I checked it was 708. So I know I wouldn’t have to much of a problem getting a loan, its just not having enough money to pay it back each month.

Anybody who can give me a little push in the right direction? It will be greatly appreciated.

what is debt fre??? If you are trying to say Debt free, the only debt i have is my car, and one credit card that has like a 100 dollar balance that will paid this month. I could pay my car off with my 30,000 in savings but was going to use it to put towards a house.

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