PROBLEM WITH mortgage company?

I located in NYS, bought my house with her husband [now x] in 2000. I live on the property. 15 months ago, I began the process of mortgage modification with my bank [JP Morgan Chase] and was informed that the process can take up to 90 days. I gave them 5 times each document, bank statement, etc. .. requested and performed immediately upon request. In May, they sent me to sign the final documents. My x lives in Wisconsin now. The Mortgage Co. refused the fact that we did not sign papers to meet a lawyer because of the obvious. they have the divorce decree, a deed calm my X. signed .. ALL. They continue to send me the documents with both our names on it, and the right to cross the NYS Notary my name X because he signed [and non MTG CO told me he did not need to sign . If I send the documents back, they tell me they do not accept it, because the document “change” were, but they refuse, the text pages that must be signed to be changed. My X has offered to sigh, but the mortgage co refuses to individual documents or modify them so that there is room for two separate notaries. I signed this exercise five times since May. Last week, I called the bank and was informed that my request for change is denied due to a lack of documentation. ” I can not get a clear answer from someone on the bench … my “relationship manager” is evolving … Too many cooks in the kitchen. I think it’s collusion. I worked with Catholic Charities in my neighborhood and they were as helpful as they can be. I have an appointment with them today call the bank and see if they will open my file. 15 months to do whatever they want, this is absurd. Oh, I forgot to mention, they rejected all my payments, and sent them to me … Unopened envelopes. They also rejected and Western Union payments. Help! Is there an agency or other professional to whom I speak? I think if the bank by malice, and I’m afraid of losing my home. If you have a strong opinion and or solution, I would really appreciate it. Thank you for taking the time to read this Sorry Monica, offered on the site, I did not need my help Problem.Ich a job, I need help with one intuition: Sorry, I forgot to add that yes we also … and they complained again, we say that the act of renunciation paperwork filed before the other needs … it war.Daver: Thanks, but it was not refinancing, so there was no curfew. My concern was that. the same documents requested 5 times in a variety of other things, and they dragged him for 14 months met my counselor today, and I must now begin the process again. sounds like I’m on there, who has never experienced this. #

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