Private car park collission?

I live in a block of flats where there is a private gated car park where only residents with a remote can access. At the weekend, a car parked was parked out of a space and as I reversed, didnt expect him to be there. It was a blind corner for me and I was checking my wing mirror at the time as it is a tight car park with a pole in an awkward place! I literally rolled a tiny bit as I was changing gears when I hit the car. Unfortunatley, the owner of the brand new 60 plate renault was in the car park, parking his other sports car! He came over and wasnt very happy. I looked and didnt see any damage but he got up close and was upset by the tiny scratches. I told him which flat I lived at which is 2 doors away! He then knocked on my door at 9.30pm the next night to tell me that it was going to cost £300 to get it repaired!!!!!!! I dont have that kind of money and I don’t feel to give him any as he shouldnt have been parked there. I have later found out that as it is private property that he cant claim on insurance and can go to the police if I refuse to pay.. would they get involved with something as minor as this? My dad has tried to talk to him and told him that he could get it done cheaper elsewhere but he insists on getting it done somewhere he has used before.. what are my rights here? What would you do? its really stressing me out 🙁 anyone else and they wouldn’t have cared about the tiny scratches you can only see if you look up close!

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