Primary residence home loan?

I’m trying to use the first time home buyer program, primarily for the zero money down. The house that I want exceeds the limit for my income. Because my wife has bad credit, she isn’t able to co sign on the loan (or it wouldn’t really help my loan amount is what I mean).

If my mother in law signs for the loan and we lived in the house would that constitute fraud? It would be a primary residence loan, but she wouldn’t actually live there 100% of the time, probably not even 5% of the time. Anyway, if she did that, what amount of time would she have to be at the house and would it be illegal for us to live “with her” without her there? Would all the taxes and utilities have to be in her name too? Could I avoid all this by using her as a co applicant on a loan and still use the first time buyer program?

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