Prequalification mortgage question …?

I submitted all my info for approval prior to Wells Fargo. My credit is not quite perfect, so I had to write a letter explaining a long story short … I had a feeling my business, and cut short and I had to prioritize my bills, and some were more immediate than others. I paid my debt, and wrote letters. My loan specialist argued that donors to the lenders asked for references that were not reported to my credit, I had two excellent references (rent and gas bill), then yesterday, they told me sent the issue of employment verification boss.Minu, will they lose their time to get all this information, when they went into decline me? Would not they simply move to another application, where they knew they could make money if my credit and my e-mails and other documents are not important?
I need to ask some advice from my aunt has a problem with the mortgage. First, he is disabled and living in fixed income securities. She and her mother (my grandmother), her house in Los Angeles, CA. My grandmother died two years ago. Both names were in the title, and assumed that title would be more than my aunt, in a file without paperwork. We recently became aware that the assumption was false and that he should have filed the paperwork for Prop. 58 that taxes should not be reassessed. Charges were again in the current market value (in fact it is a little higher because it was this time again, when prices were at most!) Here’s the problem: My aunt has a mortgage loan Wells Fargo. They paid property taxes to a new analysis (which amounted to over $ 12K), and his mortgage payment is adjusted accordingly. They are denied their request to change its lending, although we have already submitted the paperwork, waiting for tax assessor’s office and turned to what it was before. The office of the assessor, said that the way things are going with the economy, it may not be reimbursed until next year. Wells Fargo has been trying to start the sales process. We do not know what to do. He lost the house at the same pace, do not understand, he had to present something at the time of the death of his mother. Wells Fargo sees that the house is worth much more than it does the mortgage, and trying to get a house as they can. Please let me know if there is anything we can do to keep the house.

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