Poor Credit Business Loan, Options Given to Me.?

It’s no secret we put ourselves in debt because we get that flashy credit card and spend money we don’t even have. And let’s not forget about that contract cell phone. All this and a few more I have went from good to poor credit; between jobs and such.

To sum up my story I have been investigating ways to get working capital for a start-up business. With a score of 508; isn’t helping me. Now, I have been apporched by a company known as “Funding Universe” with their affiliate company called: “SBFC Law Group PLLC” Both have stated to somehow remove my delinquent stuff off my credit report within 30 to 45 days, then I would bounce to a 650. Of course there is an upfront fee of $ 500.00 plus $ 1,800 later.

Does anyone know about these companies and does anyone have advice about credit repair and unsecured business loans with poor credit. Only serious and experienced inquires!

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