poll: what is your monthly cost of living? vs what you make.?

me and my husband constantly argue about our total monthly bills (mortgage,truck pymt,insurance,pg&e,comcast,water,food,IRS,ect) since his income declined significantly in 2010 (hes a self employed contractor, and well w the economy has lost alot of work) . we dont even pay for cell phones,credit cards, or eating out and stuff like that anymore. no going to the bar, ect ect. stopped smoking weed also.cut all the corners.we live in north bay area and for our loan mod just did the stats of our income vs expenses, and our expenses were $ 2500 a month. minumum. thats no play money…just what MUST be paid, every month. well w the economy, and looking at my freinds bills and income, some of them only make 2k a month. i dont know how they do it. we went from making 6k a month, to about 3 on a GOOD month. needless to say the 2500 doesnt come every month either =/ thanks for your input!
thx exactduk…good to know 3k is pretty similar. lucky for you your salary is steady. most we made was 70k one year, but it was much more compfortable! haha..

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