police problems …… I am a mortgage loan officer. I recently played a loan applicant?

(The applicant is a small town police of the city …. we live in has a population of 10,000), because the lender changed its lending program. The man has done nothing wrong, just that his loan of subprime and subprime lenders has been tightening. I called the policeman and told him. He reminded repeatedly screaming at the top of his lungs, threatening to sue me personally and the company where I work and do all sorts of strange threats. It also seems to have a criminal background check on me, our secretary and the owner. What my question is, should I worry that he is a policeman or a friend takes me about me, just me again or cause other problems plague? I’ve never had problems with the law had only a few traffic tickets. Has anyone ever run into a situation like that where the police do not bother for just their way? Thank you for your contribution!

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