PLEASE, should I use the same real estate agent (conflict of interest?)?

for the short sale on my home as the one I am going to have my mom/step-dad buy a condo through?

I had a divorce last year, am currently unemployed, and I am not in a financial position to keep my home any longer, I have already missed 2 payments, and although I have the money to PAY the last two month’s payments, my parents have told me to quit dumping my cash into my property when I am upside down in it.

My MOM & step-dad have offered to buy a condominium for me, to help me get back up on my feet, and all I would have to pay is HOA dues and regular monthly bills. My DAD (not my step-dad) referred me to a real estate agent who is a family friend who was very informative about what my options are on my home, and I think he would be good to short sell my house. My mom NEVER talks to my Dad, (parents are re-married) Should I do the short sale through the family friend of my DAD’S, and get another agent to help my STEP-DAD find a condominium for me?

Someone told me that it makes better business sense to use the SAME AGENT for everything, what should I do?

Thanks for your input. =)

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