please help me..someone took my vacation house when its paid off?

hello i don’t know what to do. i live in new york and bought my vacation house 2years ago in atlanta ga.I go there every summer or as much as i can but hired a landscaper to maintain the house.This house was paid in full and i paid my taxes. my landscaper told me he went over there over the weekend and he saw locks on the doors and gate (he goes about once a month).He said there was a note with a number to call we called today and they gave me the run around and gave me a number to a mortgage/loan company..(note that i said i paid my house full at closing) they kept saying they would get back to me but my landscaper said they cleaned out my whole house
i live in ny so i cant go there unless i really have to no one lives in that house
idk what to do can someone help me please i know im going to need a real estate attorney but idk any from atlanta GA

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