Please help me get a mortgage, I’m desperate?

Ive tried to get a mortgage since January. The mortgage company sent me for a month with a credit card I have to get a mortgage, as long as some shows. In early March I had a car by Ford Motor Credit and credit cards that I had two before. I paid all my bills on time, but my credit score is still 0th It shows on my credit report I paid, but there is no score. Can someone please help me I’ve waited patiently to get a house, but I can not even without a score. I work at a car dealership and you bring to 20,000 per year without my commission is between $ 500 and $ 800 a month, I can not say directly to a loan account, but I have enough money to pay my bills. I want a house that 65,000 homes WV is 3,000 to put myself at home and closing costs are paid. If I do not go through the housing WV I do not want to put something. Someone please give me a suggestion that I tried almost everything.
I live in WV. My husband and I bought a house on January 08th is my concern. The mortgage company we went through tells us that the assessment was erroneous because they are in a flood zone (which is impossible when the river rose to 150 feet off a cliff after a journey through a person another farm 300 + feet) set. We do not pay insurance against floods, but have on the price of the house in the long term? I mean, the expert would have a smaller value of our house just because they thought he was in a flood zone and has not been resolved? And because it is not in a flood zone, we would still have to pay for flood certification and life certification fee loan to the conclusion that you have? Thank you in advance for the answers, I just found my opinion to have to look more thoroughly, he would. Because they are using two houses of comparison due to the “house of the object in a flood zone” was used. But we are not, for example, people from FEMA, we are not and we do not pay insurance.

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