Please help me get a mortgage, I’m desperate!?

Ive been trying to get a mortgage since January. The mortgage company told me after a month of having one credit card I should be able to get a mortgage as long as something is showing up. In the beginning of March I got a car through Ford Motor Credit and Ive had two credit cards since before that. I have paid all my bills on time but my credit score is still 0. It shows up on my credit report that I’ve paid but theres no score. Can some one please help me I have been waiting patiently to get a house but I can’t get one without a score. I work at a car dealership and make 20,000 a year draw, not including commission my commission is between $ 500 and $ 800 a month I know it doesn’t count toward a loan but I have enough money to pay my bills. I want a house that is 65,000 the WV housing will give me 3,000 to put down on house and the closing costs are paid. If I dont go through WV housing I dont want to put anything down. Some one please give me a suggestion Ive tried almost everything.

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