Please help me decide between 2 mortgage loans.?

Both Rates are locked and I need to decide for sure in a few days.

I can either get an FHA loan with at 5.5% interest with a 5.79% APR including insurance and only 10% down or a 5.5% interest loan at 5.6% APR with 20% down.

They are both 15 year mortgages. I am wondering if the FHA loan would be better even though the interest rate is higher since I could probably make an average of 8-10% on the stock market and if rates drop I can refinance and get a refund for the mortgage insurance.

The purchase price is $ 400,000. I am 24 and have $ 250,000 to my name. The nature of my business is not very secure however I expect to make appx $ 200,000 per year for the next few years but it could potentially drop off.

My credit is meh which is why I am not getting a 30 year loan. I expect my credit to be well over 700 within 6-24 months. I am considering refinancing in 2 years but I don’t know how much of a gamble it is on interest rates.


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