Please help – long complicated question on mortgages, tax and finance-what can I do?

I bought a house 18 months. before. I funded mine-my credit is bad, my $ – I agree, silence income. Loans under the name of my all-law says, we are tenants w / right of the survivor’s pension or something like that. I have a 80/20 loan w / rates of 12.5 and 8%. I was all done with my acct delay PMT PMT CKG T 2 <20 days. over most Kredit.Ich live in Cook County, Illinois, my taxes by 138% (free news sr year) I slammed with taxes for last year + tax for the year on a proj nxt January, will double my lg MTG! I do not want to lose my house, what are my options? Mom is now 65 years in February this year. I am on disability from work rt now, but pmt enough income to raise before. Perhaps the combined loan or something w / lower interest rates? What is this thing PMI if they cease to support you? PLEASE HELP!

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