Please explain…What is “fixed rate” vs “adjustable rate” (mortgage loan)?

i just refinanced my home the original value was 45k and i had it paid down to 35k. when i refinanced it brought the value i need to pay back up to 51k. i have a adjustable rate now that will kick in may of 09 my percent is 12.750 i think. i pay 500 a month now for the mortgage and 720 total with all the taxes and stuff. i dont have a penalty for paying the loan of early so i want to pay it off in the next five years but with the arm my percent can go as high as 18.750. i dont want the bank to take my house from me because of the mistake i made by refinancing in the first place. so is it possible to refinance into a fixed rate and still keep the loan at 50k and still pay it of early with out any penalty. this is my first post so plz any and all help is great

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