Personal loan to pay closing costs?

My fiance and I need to get out of our current home by the end of July (2008).

We make enough money to pay a mortgage (he makes enough money by himself to pay the whole thing) and we have been approved for a mortgage. Got the good faith estimates, and we’re working with a real estate agent.

We’re doing a FHA loan so that we only have to put down 3%.
We only have 6,000 cash saved, and we need about 12,000 dollars.

My boyfriend saves about 350 a week, which is 1,400 at the end of the month. (the 350 saved is AFTER paying car payment, insurance, etc..)

We can save about 4,000 dollars within the next 3 months, but we would still be short about 2,000 dollars.

We’re going to try to get the seller to pay the closing costs, but we still want to have enough money + more than we need just incase any unexpected payments pop up.

Can we take out a personal loan (about 5,000$ ) to assist payment in an FHA mortgage loan? to pay the closing costs?
Our good faith estimate says that we’ll need roughly 7,600 dollars cash if the SELLER pays the closing costs (there are still some closing fees that the buyer is responsible for)

And then we rounded the number UP becuase we’re taking inspection fees and lawyer fees into consideration (we’re saving 1,000 for each even though we may only need 500 for each. Its better to save more than to find out we dont have enough!!)

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