Personal Finace Help Please (check my work)?

1. What can be the best type of safety net in times of trouble? (1 point), none of the above property HasartmängudeHüpoteekRental * 2 Generally, you need to live at home ________years break even on closing costs. (1 point) * ÜksKaksKolm Neli3. As is usually the most complicated financial transaction the average American will never be taken? (1 point) buying a house boat car ostmineBuying eespool4 * None. Real estate is considered / ________investment. (1 point) * a non-liquid part, of course, vedelik5. Individual rates mortgage interest is usually determined by what? (1 point) the value of the assets of the economy’s credit rating * asub6 individual state property. What is PMI? (1 point), the issue of human resource personnel, an investment mortgage mortgage mortgage insurance * Personal intressi7 staff of a mortgage. Who will tell you how much homeowners insurance to continue your property? (1 point) asubPank state property, which holds the mortgage holder eespool8 * None. Assuming you have a 30-year loan fixed rate, the interest you pay _____% early years. (1 point) 908 070 * 609th Why invest in gold is worth? (1 point) It is easy to kaevandada.Leitakse investeerimiskeskkond.Kuld is more expensive than the stable value of gold depends on the stock .* inflatsiooni.10. What type of insurance can be a homeowner need? (1 point) kindlustusFirestorm hurricane insurance kindlustusÜleujutuste All above *

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