Personal bankruptcy, I am a candidate?

27.5 / 2006 I lost my husband, I thought I lost everything in the following days. He was my husband and my business partner. We did not Versicherung.Ich had no idea I was about to find out what all happened to lose. Less than a month after his death, I have a verdict against me for the value of a lease we did not have a second site of a company have been adopted setteled. I have 79K on my mortgage and two credit lines, up to 205K bringen.Wir have a large personal loan with his cousin, I’ve made in the last eight 4K Monaten.Unser business that is paying invoices and is a public company converts. I pay all my business and living expenses of the company. There’s nothing more I have to pay to the Court of 2500 50K per month. The cousin always says intrusive, it can also Entscheidung.Wenn I file a personal bankruptcy would be the money I have at home will be included on the personal guarantee business leasing and personal loan?

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