Perfect Christmas Present?! [Plus I Have Gift Ideas,So PLEASE Answer!]?

Ok So I KNow What Im Gettin My “Close” Friends. *[GoToForever21 Online & Go Look At Their Accessories! Nail Polises For $ 2.80! They Have GREAT SMall Presents If You Need To Buy For Friends, Or Stocking Stuffers] But My Best Friend Kaeli [Kay-lee] I Want To Get A Silver Bracelet [Not Sure WHat Style.. Help?] I Want To Get It Engraved. Maybe Something About Us? Idk. But I REALLY Want A Great Saying To Go On The Outside Of It. Something Very Meaningful It Cant Be Long [She Has A Tiny Wrist Lol] But I Dont Want The “..When The Rest Of The World Walks Out” Or Anything Cheesy. Please Think Of Something You’d Put On There For Your Best Friend? Thanks In Advanced. Happy Holidays!
Sorry, Should’ve Been More Clear. I Am Planning On Putting “Kaeli & Caitlin [Christmas 2009 (Maybe?]” On The Inside.. I’ve Seen It Done Lol. But I Dont Want “Bff’s” Or Something I Could Buy At A Dollar Store On It :/

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