Payoff is being requested on a note that I hold. Payments have been missed by the debtor, how do I calculate?

I sold my home and hold a note on the home (The buyer needed help to qualify for the loan so I hold a 48 month $ 10,000 note.) Payments have been missed, about 6, some have been doubled. Overall about 5 payments are past due. I have the information in a microsoft works spread sheet. Is there a calculator on ine that I can use, or formula to plug into the works spread sheet to give a mortgage company a payoff… I guess the debtor is consildating loans. Thanks Purely Guessing.

I need to find a calculator that will allow me to punch in what I owe on my loan, real estate commissions, closing costs, etc to calculate what my break even cost is while selling my home. The only numbers I have are my payoff quote from the mortgage company, and I know I will pay 5% to Realtor commissions. I need a calculator that you punch in everything you know and gives you an estimated break even.

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